T. R. Long Engineering, P.C. is a full service engineering firm offering services to both governmental and private clients in Georgia. We offer services including roadway design, water system design, sewerage system design, land planning, site planning, subdivision design, surface mining design and permitting, limited surveying, landfill design, construction management and contract administration.


T. R. Long Engineering, P.C. has extensive experience in the design of roadways, drainage systems, water system engineering, wastewater engineering and solid waste management and disposal facilities engineering. The firm offers complete engineering services starting with conceptual development of projects followed by planning, design, regulatory agency approval, and construction management.

Roadway Design

T. R. Long Engineering, P.C. provides superior knowledge in the design, construction and maintenance of a wide range of roadways ranging from residential roadways to arterial roadways. Our services include complete project development including conceptual planning, cost estimating, surveying, design, bidding, contract administration and construction observation.



Drainage Systems

The design of drainage systems is at the core of every project. T. R. Long Engineering, P.C. can provide unique and comprehensive solutions for most any project. We specialize in small municipal drainage projects, site drainage, roadway drainage and flood control. We have the tools to meet your drainage needs.


Land Planning and Subdivisions

T. R. Long Engineering, P.C. can provide engineering services for a wide range of development projects. We provide land planning for residential and commercial sites. Our experience with subdivisions ranges from two lot subdivisions to 1,100 unit residential developments.



T. R. Long Engineering, P.C. can provide surveying services including boundary surveys, topographic surveys, tree surveys, ALTA Surveys, and construction staking.  Our experienced survey team is led by Joseph Riley, P.L.S. We strive to provide comprehensive and accurate surveys that meet the needs of our clients.


Traffic Control and Movement Plans

T. R. Long Engineering, P.C. has been selected to complete the "Traffic Control and Movement Plan" for the movement of heavy equipment in Liberty County for Berard Transportation. The movement control and movement plan includes details on the movement of heavy equipment from the Half Moon Marina to Firth Rixon Forgings near Midway, Georgia. A copy of this plan is posted below for public review.