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City of Midway Water Well

City of Midway, Georgia

Project Details

The City of Midway water system is in critical need of improvement. The city only has one groundwater well and uses a connection to the Liberty County Development Authority as the backup water source. There is only one 100,000-gallon water storage tank maintaining pressure on a system that currently uses over 270,000 gallons per day. In addition, most water mains are dead end lines with very little looping.

The City of Midway recognized the critical needs of its system and in 2020 engaged T. R. Long Engineering, P.C. to develop a new water well. T. R. Long Engineering, P.C. prepared documentation and secured a new yellow zone groundwater withdrawal permit from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division for a new 1,000-gallon upper Floridian well. T. R. Long Engineering, P.C. also assisted the City of Midway in securing GEFA funding for this project.

This well is currently under construction. The well site is along Charlie Butler Road in Midway. This water production facility will have a new 1,000 gpm well and a new well house. The well house has rooms for chemical feed systems as well as electrical components.

The site will also house a future 500,000-gallon elevated water storage tank. T. R. Long Engineering, P. C. is assisting the city with funding options for the tank as well as water main extensions to resolve pressure problems throughout the system.

T. R. Long Engineering, P.C. has provided complete engineering and project management services for the Charlie Butler Road water well project. This work included the identification of the need, coordination with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for permission to drill an additional groundwater well in the upper Floridian aquafer, the development of detailed plans and specifications, bidding, construction observation and contract administration.